Copyright 1997 by Jeffery A. Bass. All rights reserved.

Flying is great fun. But it takes a well-planned investment of time (and money) to learn the necessary skills. Like anything worthwhile, earning a Private Pilot License also requires desire and commitment to complete the training. What is it really like to learn to fly? Find out by following the detailed experiences of a student pilot and his instructor during a typical flight lesson:

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Note: This commentary is for general information purposes only
and is not intended as a reference for actual flight instruction.

Table of Contents:

Pre-Flight Check
Engine Start
Taxi to Run-up Area
Engine Run-up
Take Off
Enroute Climb
Slow Flight
Power-On Stall
Power-Off Stall
Descent and Return to Airport
In the Traffic Pattern
Final Approach and Landing
Taxi Back and Shutdown

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