Aviation Academy

           Join us in a celebration of flight!

Aviation Academy February 5 through May 3, 2004

Discover the fascination of flight and the thrill of being a pilot! Explore how airplanes fly and try it yourself using our realistic flight simulators. This is not a video game! This is real world aviation that REAL PEOPLE do every day. And so can you!

Aviation Academy features CH
flight yokes and Pro-Pedals.

We plunge you into a total aviation experience. Investigate aircraft design using a wind-tunnel in our Aviation Lab. Learn all about aircraft controls, flight instruments and how to navigate from here to there. Then, use real aviation charts to plan a cross-country flight over southeast Michigan and fly it with your hands on the yoke and your feet on the rudder pedals in our flight simulators. You will never look at an airplane flying overhead the same way again!

  • Programs for children, adult and child pairs, adults only and scouts.
  • Enroll in 4-week sessions, or experience our intensive overnight programs.
The Flight Plan is F-U-N!

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